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                 The Board of Fire Commissioners of Fire District #2, Moorestown, N.J., herein referred to as the Board, has established a goal to provide the best fire protection possible to residents and those who work and travel in the fire district.  This protection is financed by taxpayers, and every effort will be made to do so in a cost effective manner.

                Fire Prevention is the first step in providing safety for our residents and businesses.  The mission of education, inspection and enforcement is provided by the Bureau of Fire Prevention.  The Board supports and staffs this important program so that hazards leading to fires can be eliminated.

                The facility and equipment to accomplish the mission of fire suppression and rescue is provided by support to Lenola Volunteer Fire Company.   Founded in 1922, this organization became the center of a vibrant community known as Lenola in the western portion of the Township of Moorestown.   From its early residential and farming beginnings it has now grown to an area where most farmland has been converted to shopping centers and industrial parks bracketing the residential neighborhood.   


                The community has evolved over the years as well as the requirements to provide emergency services.  The Board will use managed growth to maintain fiscal responsibility.   This will balance a reasonable tax rate with the needs to provide equipment, current training and maintain standards set by the fire service.

Home to; 1 out of the top 5, highest rated local enforcement agencies in the State of New Jersey.

Engine 3131

Rescue Engine 3132

Tower Ladder 3135